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APEX – An expert for food grade lubricants

Apex is a first choice supplier of the complete range of high-quality food grade lubricants for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as customized solutions .

          Safety, quality and continuity are keys in our product development program of the Apex Lubricants portfolio. With France-based manufacturing plant since 1912, dedicated exclusively to the production of the food grade lubricants, our concentration strategy enables us to guarantee the high quality of our products from start to finish. We have got the certificate of NSF international ISO 21469 managerial system. All of our food grade products have registered on the NSF H1 list, as well as Kosher and Halal certificates.

           Since 2009, due to the specific food grade lubricants in our product portfolio, we have given these products their own brand: Apex food grade lubricants. The Apex food grade lubricants cover both fully synthetic as well as semi-synthetic and European medical white oil based products. Their composition is always optimized to ensure suitability for their respective case of application.   

          We are continually working on further expanding our product range in order to offer our customer the excellent food grade products for new requirements and applications in the future. Food safety, processing safety and brand safety are our top priorities – not only during production, but already during research, development and supply chain. In order to achieve our intention, we use our integrated management system to continuously measure, evaluate, control and improve our work.

Our expert service is all about individual consultation. Identifying, understanding and satisfying our customer’s needs are an expectation with a view to future trends is characteristic of our cooperation as partners. 

          We aim at attaining a high quality of products and expert service at a low economic, ecological and social cost.  

ApexGrease – An expert for specialty lubricants

Specialty lubricants are at the core of our business for decades. We offer our customers expert solutions by supplying specialty lubricants to customers in all branches of industry and selective markets.

          Our customers include not only the food, beverage and pharmaceutical and related industries, but also industries such as automotive, cement, steel, farming, textile, plus many producers of components, machines and systems as well as companies using this equipment for their own production.
          The Kaffee Lubricants offers approximately 1500 different specialty lubricants, many of them developed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. Through individual consultation and expert services, we have established credibility and goodwill with our customers and help them to be successful.
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