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Quality and Safety Standards
Quality and Safety Standards
All lubricating greases and oils for the manufacturing, processing and packaging of food, beverages and related products must fulfill stringent requirements in order to meet highest food safety standards. 

The assessments of NSF international, which follow the guidelines of U.S. Food & Drug administration, are considered a global standard. All food grade lubricants that we offered are registered by NSF according to the respective food-related categories. 

In addition, we are also certified in accordance with ISO 21469. This standard determines the hygienic requirements for the composition, manufacturing, and use of lubricants that may have incidental contact with food products – meaning that our products fulfill the highest possible safety standard. 

NSF International is now offering ISO 21469 Product Certification for lubricants used in specialized industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feed manufacturing. This international standard specifies the hygiene requirements for formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants, which may come into contact with products during processing. 

Lubricants certified by NSF can bear the official NSF ISO 21469 Product Certification Mark on their package and labels. For more details, see: ISO 21469:2006 Safety of machinery -- Lubricants with incidental product contact – Hygiene requirements 

As part of the global availability of our high quality lubricants, Apex food grade lubricants are also certified as being Halal and Kosher, making them compliant with the religious and legal food regulations of Muslim – and Jewish – oriented regions. 

Up to all these requirements, customer protection is crucial in this regard. It is important not only offering you the best quality but also the highest possible safety standards. 

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